Swallow's Chick and I




A swallow's chick came to my balcony this afternoon for a shelter from a typhoon. Might be separated from a parent bird(s). When the chick saw my face, it opened and closed its mouth repeatedly as if it mistakenly thought me as a parent ?

But I did not feed any worm so the bird must’ve realized I was not.



Health Data:

  • Training ・・・ Crunch 0、Leg Stretch 20、Push-Ups 0、Spin 15 min.
  • Dumbell・・・   Curl 40、Lateral Raise 20、Press 20
  • Walking ・・・ 1,150 Steps、0.75 km、1 Floors


  • Weight ・・・ 45.5 kg
  • Body Fat ・・・ 20.8 % (non-athlete mode)
  • BMI ・・・ 18.35
  • Vitals ・・・ na